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How to Maintain Dental Implants
Anchorage, AK

Dental implants are the only dental procedure that completely restores a lost tooth. They combine a titanium base embedded into the jawbone to stimulate it with a ceramic cap that looks and functions as a normal tooth. This procedure has truly revolutionized tooth replacements. Furthermore, dental implants are very long lasting provided they are properly cared for. Here are some suggestions for keeping your dental implants in great condition.

Practice Proper Oral Care

Taking good care of your teeth and gum is important for several reasons:
•  You can prevent gum disease
•  You avoid complicated and expensive dental problems
•  Good oral health often leads to a more beautiful smile and can increase your quality of life
•  Strong, healthy teeth and gums are the best way to ensure longevity for dental implants

Maintaining good oral hygiene is easy. Just brush and floss your teeth twice a day and come into our office for regular check-ups and cleanings. Keep in mind that while dental implants are immune to decay, your regular teeth and gums are still vulnerable to bacteria. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep your teeth healthy and clean to preserve your dental implants.

Cleaning dental implants are just as important as cleaning your natural teeth since both need healthy surrounding tissues for support. Bacterial plaque builds up on implant crowns just like on regular teeth, so you must work to remove it every day.

If you don’t remove this plaque every day, you can develop an infection called peri-implantitis, which can cause a bone around the affected implant. If this bone loss is not stopped, it can rapidly progress and compromise the implant.

Avoid Bad Biting and Chewing Habits

Because dental implants look and feel just like normal teeth, over time you might end up treating them that way. Habits such as biting your nails, chewing ice, or opening plastic packaging or bottles using your teeth are not good for implants. The prosthetic tooth can get chipped or damaged. To prevent this, bite only edible items and not hard objects.

Minimize Foods and Drinks that Cause Stains

Prosthetic teeth are often made of materials that resist stains, but it is still a good idea to minimize consumption of stain-causing foods and drinks. If you don’t immediately wash or brush off food stains, that can become permanent and negatively affect the appearance of your teeth. You can prevent discoloration of your teeth by not drinking soda, coffee, dark tea, red wine, and berries too frequently.

Use a Mouth Guard when Playing Contact Sports

We recommend using a mouth guard if you play contact sports or chronically grind your teeth. This helpful oral appliance protects your dental implants and other teeth from potential harm and can help you keep your implants in proper condition.

Visit Our Office Regularly

We recommend you visit our office once every six months. Dr. Feldman needs to periodically check your dental implants, along with the rest of your teeth and gums. During your check-up, he may perform restorative and preventative treatments to keep your teeth and gums in top condition.

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How to Maintain Dental Implants | Nicholas W. Feldman, DDS, MBA - Anchorage, AK
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