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Dental Bridges
Anchorage, AK

The loss of a single tooth might not seem like that big of a deal, particularly if it is a tooth toward the back of your mouth. However, losing even just one tooth can have a significant impact on all aspects of your life. When you lose a tooth, it is important that you have it replaced right away. At Nicholas W. Feldman, DDS, MBA, we can replace a missing tooth with a bridge.

What Happens When I Lose a Tooth?

There are several issues that occur when you lose a tooth. One of the most obvious impacts of tooth loss is the effect it has on your smile. However, even if the tooth is out of sight when you smile, it can still significantly impact your life. Other effects of tooth loss include
•  Difficulty biting and chewing. When you cannot chew properly, your body has a harder time digesting food, which can eventually lead to malnutrition.
•  Speech difficulties. You may develop a lisp or have other speech-related issues.
•  An increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Food and other debris can hide more easily in the empty space, which can also be more difficult to clean.
•  An increased risk of tooth damage. When you lose a tooth, your bite pressure becomes uneven, which can lead to a greater risk for tooth damage.
•  Shifting teeth. Without a tooth, your adjacent teeth can begin to shift out alignment. This can alter your bite, leading to issues such as bruxism.

What is a Bridge?

A bridge is a traditional dental restoration used to replace a missing tooth. There are a few different types of bridges, including cantilever, Maryland or resin bonded and fixed. Fixed bridges are the most commonly used. This type of bridge consists of a pontic, or false, a tooth that fills in the empty space left behind by your missing tooth. The pontic tooth matches the size and shape of your missing tooth. The pontic tooth is held in place with crowns, one on each side. The crowns anchor the restoration into place on your adjacent teeth, which are referred to as abutment teeth. Fixed bridges can be made from many materials, but are often made from porcelain. This material provides the greatest aesthetic benefits.

How is a Bridge Placed?

Placing a bridge requires two separate appointments. At your first appointment, we prepare the abutment teeth. This process, performed under a local anesthetic, involves removing a portion of enamel from each tooth. This creates the space necessary for the bridge to fit perfectly into place in your mouth. After the teeth are prepared, an impression is taken. Finally, a temporary restoration is set into place.

The impression we take is sent to our dental lab. The lab uses the impression to design and create your custom bridge. Once it is ready, you have your second appointment. At this appointment, we place your final restoration to make sure that it fits and that your bite is both comfortable and natural. If we do not need to make any adjustments to the bridge, we secure it into place on the abutment teeth.

Benefits of a Bridge

A bridge comes with many benefits. These benefits include
•  An improved smile and boosted confidence.
•  Improved biting and chewing, which aids in improving your digestion and your nutrition.
•  Improved oral health.
•  Keeping your teeth in proper alignment.

Considering Dental Implants?

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A bridge is an effective treatment for replacing a missing tooth and can help to greatly improve your quality of life. For more information, and to schedule your appointment, call Nicholas W. Feldman, DDS, MBA at (907) 802-4519 today.
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