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Tooth Extractions
Anchorage, AK

Your teeth are very strong. They are the strongest substance found in your body, and they can withstand a significant amount of daily use. Even so, they can still be faced with serious issues such as physical damage and decay that can leave them susceptible to significant harm. Ideally, damaged teeth are restored using fillings or crowns. However, if the damage is too severe, the affected teeth may not be salvageable. In cases such as these, Nicholas W. Feldman, DDS, MBA can perform tooth extractions.

What Happens if Damage Goes Untreated?

Small damage, such as a little crack or chip, that only affects the enamel layer of the teeth often only causes a cosmetic defect that impacts the quality of your smile. More significant damage, however, can lead to serious issues. The damage can worsen over time, which may compromise the structural integrity of the tooth. Damage can also allow bacteria inside of the tooth, which can lead to a painful, and dangerous, infection.

How Do I Know if I Need an Extraction?

In many cases, damaged teeth can be treated with restorations that enable the tooth to stay where it is. A tooth affected by decay can be treated with a filling. Damaged teeth can also be treated with a crown, a restoration that encases the entire tooth to provide it with protection and restore its strength. However, if the damage is too severe, it may not be possible to save the tooth. Instead, it needs to be extracted or removed. Reasons for a tooth extraction include:
•  Cracks in teeth that are below the gumline.
•  Teeth that have split in half or shattered completely.
•  Severely decayed teeth.
•  Overcrowding. If your teeth are overcrowded, orthodontic treatment can help. In some cases, one or more teeth may be extracted first to make room.
•  Impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted teeth are those that cannot erupt properly through the gums. This is most common with wisdom teeth. The best solution for impacted wisdom teeth is extraction.

Getting Teeth Extracted

There are two ways in which teeth can be extracted. During your exam, we look over your teeth and take x-rays. Your exam allows us to determine the extent of the damage and determine the best course of action to meet your needs.

A simple extraction is a fairly straightforward procedure that can be done under a local anesthetic. First, a tool called an elevator is used to loosen the gums and periodontal ligament around the tooth. Forceps are then used to move the tooth back and forth to widen the socket. Once the socket is wide enough, the tooth is lifted out.

In more complex situations, including a tooth that is broken below the gums or an impacted wisdom tooth, a surgical extraction is required. This is a more invasive procedure that is performed under a local anesthetic as well as sedation. The procedure begins with small incisions in your gums to expose the root of the affected tooth and surrounding bone. We then work to remove the tooth. The socket is cleaned out, and then the wound is sutured closed.

While saving damaged teeth is always preferred, it is not always possible. In some cases, extracting damaged teeth and replacing them is the best solution. If you have suffered tooth damage, call Nicholas W. Feldman, DDS, MBA at (907) 802-4519 today to schedule your appointment.
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If you have a tooth that cannot be saved with a filling or crown, our team at Nicholas W. Feldman, DDS, MBA can perform a tooth extraction. Learn more here!
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